Jessie Rhines, seated outdoorsI’m a mental health professional specializing in anxiety, depression, and relationship issues. I was a licensed mental health counselor for many years before shifting to certified yoga therapy to better reflect the somatic nature of my mental health practice–simply meaning that the body and mind are so connected that to leave one out is to ignore important insights and treatments.

While I am a Certified Yoga Therapist, you don’t need to know anything about yoga or have any particular body to benefit from this kind of therapy. My particular training in Integrated Movement Therapy has more to do with body awareness and therapeutic breath work than any sort of body contortions. To most people in the West today, yoga is a series of physical poses and movements. Traditionally however, yoga is a whole-person healing modality, touching on the mental, emotional, energetic, and spiritual or philosophical as well as the physical. I practice and teach the “Big Yoga,” the movements and poses along with the rich yoga philosophy which shares ideas about how to be more compassionate, how to suffer less, how to find more peace: in short, how to live a better life. If you’d like, see my “About” page for more detail on my background.

I provide therapy sessions for people of all ages, couples, and families of all configurations. While I’ve taught group yoga classes–traditional vinyasa and yin, as well as therapeutic classes for anxiety and depression–for over 15 years, my post-COVID dedication is virtual therapy sessions. I am also offering in-person, masked sessions when clinically appropriate.

Enjoy visiting my site and blog page, and please share any questions or comments you might have. Thanks much!