4 artist album coversThanks to my students for all the compliments on the music I choose for our yoga classes! (I have partially to thank my husband, graphic designer and DJ Corey Deahl, as his ability to locate soul-moving music far surpasses mine.) This month’s post is by request: a list of some of the music I rely on for our shared journeys into the realm of body and mind: a really important part of a yoga class, if you ask me. These suggestions should at least get you started on an exploration of great artists and albums. Enjoy!!!

Downtempo/ Chill Beats

  • Bonobo is a favorite artist. In particular, for down-tempo grooviness I recommend Going Slow, Silver, D Song, Sleepy Seven, Dismantling Frank, Ketto, and Light Pattern.
  • Siempre by Mujaji
  • You Fill Me by Milosh*
  • Time is the Enemy by Quantic
  • Breathe by Telepop Musik
  • Channel 1 Suite (Fourtet Mix) by Cinematic Orchestra
  • Bloodstream by Stateless*
  • Building Steam with a Grain of Salt (Alternate Take) by DJ Shadow
  • Departures by Karminsky Experience


  • No Vacancy by Master Mosquito
  • Two Dots by Lusine
  • Don’t See the Point by Alex Smoke
  • BOYS BOYS  by Sebo & Madmotormiguel
  • Hanuman by Wah!
  • Crazy (Noze Remix) by Ornette
  • One Day / Reckoning Song by Wankelmut & Asaf Avidan
  • Paradise Circus (Gui Boratto Remix) by Massive Attack*

For Slow or Gentle Movement

  • Prabhupada Padma and Sri Guru, Pt. 1 by Rasa
  • Salva Me by Thomas Barquee
  • Halocene by Bon Iver*
  • Matritamah by Hans Christian
  • Bija by Lisa Moskow & Robert Rich
  • Returning to Now by Karunesh

For Meditation and Savasana

  • The End of Suffering by Gary Remal Maikin & Phap Niem
  • A Sound Meditation by Benjamin Iobst
  • Healing Sounds of a TibetanSinging Bowl, Thunderstorm and Rain from Music for Deep Meditation
  • Tibetan Singing Bowl (Short Version) from Sounds for Life

* These songs have lyrics, which I tend to stray away from for yoga classes. These songs, however, are too good to pass up, with lyrics that I don’t find overly distracting.

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